• Trafficking in human beings – recruitment, obtaining, keeping, harboring, transporting, giving or receipt of a person by means of threat or use of force, intimidation or other means of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power [influence] or a position of vulnerability, or by giving or receiving payments or benefits, privileges or concessions to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for purposes of exploitation.
  • Forced labor, sexual exploitation, slavery, practices similar to slavery and related conditions of servitude, illegal pull out of human organs and tissues, illegal biomedical research on a person, use of a woman as a surrogate mother, engagement in unlawful activities (including criminal activities), and other forms of human exploitation.
  • Unemployed; Migrants; persons who evade of education; those who are idleness and begging; the homeless and the neglected; those who live an immoral lifestyle; those who are mentally ill; persons who are addicted to alcohol, narcotics and psychotropic substances, etc.
  • Employment companies; Model Agency; Wedding Agency; Agency of Tourism; Job announcements and marriage announcements via the Internet; Newspapers and television announcements; Suggestions by acquaintances, neighbors, relatives. Proposals by foreign agencies; Job offers by pre-prepared people.
  • Law Enforcement Agencies; Hotline; Embassies and Consulates; Non-Governmental Organizations; International organizations; Religious organizations; Medical institutions and etc.
  • Special institutions for the protection of victims of human trafficking are: Shelters for temporary residence of victims of trafficking; Assistance Centers for victims of Human Trafficking. All specialized services are provided free of charge. Private businesses are not allowed to provide any paid services. Establishment, Financing, Operation and Supervision of Special Institutions for Victims of Human Trafficking defined by the relevant executive authority of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • Confidentiality is ensured in all cases - the confidentiality of information that could endanger the life or health of the victim of human trafficking, their immediate relatives and those who assist in the fight against human trafficking. Illegal collection or deliberate disclosure of confidential information about the victim of trafficking or the security measures applied to him / her shall entail liability established by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • If a victim of human trafficking is a foreigner or a stateless person, protection and assistance shall be provided to them equally with the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • Diplomatic representations and consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan abroad, within their competence and in accordance with the legislation of the country in which they are located, protect the rights and interests of the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, who are victims of human trafficking, assist in their return to the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • Protection of persons who have become victims of human trafficking is ensured by the requirements of the relevant legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan on human and civil rights and international treaties to which the Republic of Azerbaijan is a party. Reintegration of victims of trafficking into a normal lifestyle is carried out within the framework of social rehabilitation programs. Social rehabilitation involves the provision of legal assistance to victims of trafficking, the continuation of their education, the adoption of measures for psychological, medical and vocational rehabilitation, and the provision of employment and living space for these persons. According to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Combating Trafficking in Human Beings” dated June 28, 2005, No. 958-IIQ, state authorities should provide assistance to victims of trafficking within their jurisdiction and shelters and assistance centers within their functions. Victims of trafficking are paid a reimbursement in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan at the expense of the state budget and other sources determined by the relevant executive power body of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In the course of social rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking, any restriction of human and civil rights as defined by the Constitution, laws and international treaties of the Republic of Azerbaijan is prohibited, or any measures that contradict their will are not permitted.



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